So, I am glad you’re here. Basically, I am your host and you are my guest. (Such mutuality already!)  My door mat may seem atypical to you, because it says ‘Coalescent Kairos’, but believe me these two words create such a harmonizing effect. Now, my next paragraph is going to be a lesson on my door mat. (It’s essential you see.)

“Coalescent Kairos”. So, coalescent comes from the word ‘coalesce’ which means coming together to form a whole. Then there’s ‘kairos’,this a Greek word meaning the perfect moment. And there you have it! ‘Coming together to make the perfect moment.’ (Or the ‘moment perfect’? Think about it 🙂 )

Now, before you step inside…(Sorry for making you wait so long). Something about myself? Well food, neon, unique and the ‘+’ sign. I think these things describe me the best. Food is always on top of my priority list (Anywhere, anytime). Yes, I love neon, and uniqueness…(It has always been a part of me. *winks*) Oh! The plus sign? If I have positive attitudes in and around me, I am COMPLETE.

Emotional talks don’t really suit me, and instead I like taking things as positive as possible. I prefer finding solutions then analyzing the causes for the problem.

And I think my relationship with writing is such an integral one. Every time I write, I find something new, something memorable. I find myself again. So I think this little adventure I experience every time, must be celebrated and shared with people like you! (Emotional talks…..hehehe)

And the motto of my life?…

“Even the smallest realizations in life are worth your heart.”

Welcome. This is me. And this is my home. So step inside. How about a cup of coffee?